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Great dinner!

Maine Lobster CrepeThanks to pkdan and iamjanjan for joining me at tonight's Chef's Night Out, the awesome five-course fundraising dinner held by Ithaca Taste of the Nation.

( Pictures and descriptions... )

Just a fantastic dinner. At right, the first course, a Maine Lobster Crepe with ginger-carrot emulsion and pea shoot salad, by Suzanne Stack of Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine.The portions weren't so huge that we left feeling bloated, and the wine pours were small enough, really little more than tastes, that I needn't have worried about driving afterwards -- though having the designated driver was awfully nice anyway.

Lots of fun to see and chat with some folks; I see Larry and Trudy at hockey games (actually, more at hockey events and away games than games at Lynah, even though we're at all of them) but got to chat with Larry about flying and Trudy about dining, which was fun. Best of all was running into old friend and long-ago coworker Tim. We keep peripherally running into each other by e-mail, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen him in person in over a decade. He has two cute little kids (he showed me pictures on his iPhone) and has not, in fact, gone back to vegetarianism after I helped him escape it one day. I'll tell that story sometime. :-)

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