Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Four hours at the Queen

Yesterday, I stopped over at the Queen of Tarts, and Jessi was starting to get a "Everyone's bailing on me for Saturday and I won't get to go to Providence as I've been planning for weeks" look on her face. I told her "Go to Providence. I'll work." I offered to come in at 7 if need be, but she was able to get Megan to work the first few hours before going to cover the lunch rush at the Farmers Market.

So, I worked the four hours from 10 until 2, when Helen could come in. Other than covering for a couple of emergency half-hour stretches early on at the Queen, I've never worked a coffee shop, and hadn't worked food service in quite a long time. Today was fun! I even made $3.75 in tips! Woohoo! Megan hadn't had a single customer until 9:30, and then got a brief flurry. I had stretches of nothingness, alternating with busy periods, so it wasn't too bad.

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