Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Tom Parker reading at The Bookery

Tom Parker, the author/editor of "Rules of Thumb," is speaking at The Bookery in Downtown Ithaca this afternoon at 2pm! Tom is a longtime Ithacan and a Cornell staff member, and this is a brand new edition of his collection of wisdom, with a few "classic" rules from the old books, and lots of new rules collected since. Here's your chance to see Tom in person and ask questions about the book!

Here's what I said on Amazon: A light and lighthearted look at the world around us, "Rules of Thumb" casts a clever glance at many of the truisms we take for granted, while offering a stack of new ones. What size flower pot do you need? What size hard drive? How big a tip should you leave the bartender? These gems and more, helpful or just humourous, make this a great book to pick up for a few spare minutes or to read through in its entirety.

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