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Wow, breakfast...

Came up with something new to do with my supply of bulk pork sausage from roosterhillfrm, making fresh sausage gravy to serve over homemade biscuits for breakfast before Anne left after the hockey weekend. Age and Eva came over, too. I also made one of the packages of Mo's excellent thick-cut bacon, and scrambled eggs.

The biscuits weren't bad, but I need to work on that. (Anne actually executed the recipe I gave her.) Fluffier would be better. They did fine as a sausage gravy vehicle, though. :-) I was very happy with how that came out, and I'll definitely do it again, if only as an excuse to practice my biscuit skills. The sausage (and thus the gravy) was oddly orange, probably thanks to the seasonings used to make it spicy. Very, very tasty. Didn't manage to think to take any pictures! Next time.

Charlie came out to visit for a while, since Eva wanted to meet her. She has a friend of a friend who's breeding twelve-foot albino pythons! I'd love to meet them, but I don't think I'd want to own one. She hung out with me and watched TV for a while.

Cleaned the oven and ran the dishwasher and got a few loads of laundry done today, while also catching up on some of the contents of my TiVo. Now watching "Dexter" with meran12345 (remotely) and then might watch tonight's "24: Redemption" prequel-to-next-season movie.

Nice to see it'll be a little bit "warmer" this coming week... in the 30s or up around 40, instead of below freezing for nearly the whole last week.
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