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Yup, leaving tomorrow... (209.4)

I think beeeej is annoyed with me, but I'm going to drive down tomorrow morning instead of tonight. Tomorrow's weather forecast is clear, and tonight's has precipitation in Ithaca and the Catskills, so tomorrow it is. I can catch parade highlights on the TiVo after the fact.

Thanksgiving SandwichLast night's Maxieslessness ended up converting to an Ithaca Ale House jaunt, so I could try their Thanksgiving Sandwich before it was too late. (Somehow I doubt they'll bother after this weekend.) Wow! It had been on the specials board a few times, but this was the first time I saw one. Huge and delicious! I have half left to reheat for lunch shortly.

And, since Staci hasn't been available the last couple of days but wanted to hang out before Thanksgiving, I met her for breakfast this morning. Got a funny look from my boss when he spotted me at 9:20, which is earlier than I'm usually at work. :-)

Both "House" and "Boston Legal" episodes I watched last night were what's called a "bottle episode," where for the most part you stuff the whole cast into one set for the entire episode. These are sometimes done to save production money, but it can also be a fun way to challenge the writers to come up with something different from their usual formula. With no legal cases at all in "Boston Legal," just an unexpectedly large Thanksgiving gathering at Shirley's (beautiful, suburban) house, it was really a character episode to an unusual extent. Also a strong Spader-Shatner episode, and their traditional finale on the deck left me craving a cigar and scotch even more than it usually does. May expand on this later in 21tvcast.

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