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Cozy Thanksgiving with family

Thanksgiving 2008As usual, an excellent feast with fun people for the family Thanksgiving dinner, which has been at Tracy and Rob's new house the last couple of years. It's on the opposite side of town from my parents' house, still awfully convenient! Both sides of the extended family means lots of kids are around, and while they're sometimes too noisy, they're all fun kids.

They have a caterer prepare the dinner, and I had a lot of fun chatting with Brenda, the cook, about her corn bread and sausage stuffing. I'm going to need to try making that soon. She's going to e-mail me her corn bread recipe! I'm already pretty happy with mine, but there's nothing wrong with experimenting.

( More Thanksgiving photos... )

A nice walk through the village with my father before lunch let him get a couple of errands done, and let me get a few photos of the ancestral homeland. The photos of my high school were specifically requested by one of my high school friends for our class's Facebook group.

My High SchoolI'm really appalled by the needless death this morning of a Wal-Mart employee on Long Island, trampled in a customer stampede as the doors opened. I hope there's video, and I hope someone gets charged with manslaughter. That's one family that's suddenly been robbed of their holiday season because a bunch of classless suburbanites were too focused on being greedy and selfish this morning.

Not to end on a downer, I'm heading into NYC shortly to meet beeeej for tonight's hockey game at the Ship of Fools. Cornell's playing a pair of games tonight and tomorrow at the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople, and tonight's is on the NHL Network at 8:30pm EST if you care to tune in. Let's Go Red!

Tomorrow, it's off to New England to visit a few folks before heading home on Sunday! Looking forward to seeing a couple of you. :-)

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