Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Found my chili cheeseburger!

Chili CheeseburgerWith thanks to aregulardyke, I've thoroughly satisfied my chili cheeseburger craving from the other day! I'm still curious to try some others in town, but it's no longer urgent. ;-) We met for lunch today at the Country Folks Diner in Richford, where they have good angus burgers, as well as locally farm-raised bison and elk burgers. Really! But we took their advice and started with the regular angus beef to add chili to.

They don't have chili cheeseburgers on the menu, but they do have chili, so they didn't hesitate to willingly combine them for us. We had identical medium-rare double cheeseburgers (today's special) plus sauteed onions and chili, and we both opted for the handcut fries instead of "regular" fries. (Why would you ever not?)

Richford is much farther than anywhere else I'd go for lunch during the workday, but since all but a teensy bit on each end is Route 79, it's a quick trip -- not much longer than if I were driving out to Lansing/mall area or the southwest corridor for lunch.

More later. Meeting now!

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