Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

On the radio...

Several callers this morning already, probably more than I've ever gotten before 7am before! One, from Trumansburg, talked for ages about how odd it was that the horoscope in the December 15th issue of The Cornell Daily Sun for the week of January 4th could have been predicted so far in advance. (No, WVBR has nothing to do with The Cornell Daily Sun.

Another wanted to tell us that two school districts to the northeast of us are on a two-hour delay, but we can't use that information on the air unless the schools give it to us, using a code. I was able to confirm on the district web sites. (It's Dryden and Homer, FYI.)

And the most recent caller wanted to know what happened to "Mix in the Morning!" Nearly every time I've talked on the air this morning, I've mentioned I'm filling in for the vacationing Jeff Mix.

Oops! One more. He heard the promo telling him to listen for such-and-such jingle and be the fifth caller, and decided to call. "Am I the fifth caller?" No.

Can I post this to customers_suck? :-)

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