Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

At least the company was good!

As my Crock-Pot finished cooking my spice-roasted pork chops yesterday, I was glad I was paying close enough attention to Twitter that I saw Doc's invitation to A-1 in Dryden for dinner, and I quickly responded that I was coming as soon as I put the food away. So, I got to see Doc and Ice and Steve (a friend of Ice's) and catch up with them.

The entrée was actually quite good, a layered eggplant casserole similar to Chicken Vincente but without the chicken, though the salad was very oily and the service was their usual inattentive and indifferent approach. I can only imagine they survive because they're practically the only game in town.

Doc and Isaac then headed off to Groton, where I assume they managed to get into the shed with the bolt-cutters. :-) And I've got the pork chops for lunches or dinners later in the week.

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