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Got our web server back up, finally. New machine. Combination of the most recent backup (which wasn't quite as recent as I'd like) and stuff on my laptop seems pretty complete. I'm sure I'll hear what's missing.

Stopped by the Johnson Museum 30th birthday party. I was at the opening, the 10th anniversary party, and the 25th, so I obviously had to at least make an appearance today!

Chatted briefly with Frank Robinson, the current director, and Tom Leavitt, the first director.

Just watched a couple of Crossing Jordans, including a very good one focusing on Woody Hoyt, a detective played by Jerry O'Connell. Took a close look at the guy playing his brother, and decided they must be related. Sure enough, it's O'Connell's brother.

I feel good about having spent $0 on eating out this weekend, between catching up on leftovers and cooking with or for friends. I figure I can spring for a brownie at BFG in a couple of hours! See some of you there.

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