Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Stay home if you want, but...

I made it to work this morning without any trouble, and after I got there, was greeted with the e-mail to our division about how if we thought coming in was unsafe or getting home was a good idea, we could work from home if we'd worked out such plans with our supervisors, or we could take personal leave or vacation time.

Most amusing about this bulletin was the warning that if we decided to take personal or vacation time to not come to work, that decision was final, and if the University ended up closing, we were still out the time.

I'm not 100% certain I was the last one in the building this afternoon, but it was pretty close; I was certainly the last on the second floor.

Drive carefully...The roads are mostly well-packed snow, though my street at home is plowed to the bare pavement. My driveway'd been plowed before I got home, but there was a fresh mound across the driveway from the town plows. All-wheel-drive let me drive straight over it. I like AWD.

The roads aren't too bad at all, if you take it at a reasonable speed and watch out for the clueless. The car in the ditch was this morning soon after the snow started. No idea how he managed this while heading uphill.

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