Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Surgery complete...

Bad timing meant that I just missed being allowed to buy a new work laptop, so one of the last few people whose new laptops were approved has passed his hand-me-down along to me. The hard drive in his old MacBook Pro wasn't big enough to be too useful, but buying a replacement hard drive was approved. So, I've upgraded my work laptop from a 4.5-year-old Sony Vaio to a 2.5-year-old MacBook Pro, and just this afternoon I swapped the old 100GB hard drive for the new 320GB drive that arrived Friday. (That's why I was looking for a T6 torx screwdriver, in case you were curious!)

Don't try this at home!For the first time, I'm going to be carrying around a work laptop instead of my own personal laptop; investing in a new laptop for myself seems excessive at the moment, and I'd like to wait until the MacBook Air is available with bigger hard drives, anyway. The 15-inch laptop will take a little getting used to; it's a little heavier and quite a bit bigger than what I've been using the last several years. But, having breathing room on the hard drive will be nice. I've been constantly pushing the capacity on my laptop, and it will be nice to not have to keep deleting stuff or moving it to other computers.

Replacing the drive in the MacBook Pro isn't anywhere near as easy as it is in the MacBook, where it's a snap. Today's surgery involved a size-0 Phillips-head screwdriver as well as the T6, and easily a couple dozen screws. I guess it wasn't as bad as the same surgery in the 12-inch PowerBook I had before the MacBook!

Up next, installing Leopard on the MacBook Pro, and then migrating my stuff over from my laptop. Haven't decided yet whether I'm keeping the MacBook for personal use, keeping it for random home use, using it as a server of some sort, or selling it. We'll see how well I adjust to the MacBook Pro before I make any decisions.

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