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Not a bad Christmas... - Mark's Journal
Not a bad Christmas...
Once in a while i manage to sleep until noon, and today was one of those days! I wonder how late I'd have slept if I hadn't set my alarm for 12.

The Chinese food and movie phase of the traditional Jewish Christmas celebration went well! I like King Buffet, and it's all the more fun with several friends. I think one of the families who was there was the family that owns Hai Hong, so I was amused to see them there. I suppose it says something about the quality of the stuff on the buffet.

The movie? Not so impressive. I've written a review of "The Spirit," the Frank Miller movie that the studios must've thought would turn out great, seeing as how well "300" and "Sin City" did. It was fun to watch, and I think it was worth seeing, but let's just say I'm glad I paid the matinee price. My advice? Wait for the cable or DVD release. I really went to see it for Samuel L. Jackson, and he was great, so I guess I got my money's worth.

Tomorrow? A one-year-old's birthday party! Woohoo! Off to bed. Happy Boxing Day!

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phoenixmedusa From: phoenixmedusa Date: December 26th, 2008 10:13 am (UTC) (Link)
I loved both "300" and "Sin City" and was hoping this movies was going to be as great. I will probably go check it out anyway but will definately do the matinee show. I also love Samuel L Jackson. I love him so much that I loooovvveeed "Snakes on a Plane" This was my favorite fan made trailer for it
"Its called Snakes on a Plane because Samuel said so"
God I love that man.
helianthas From: helianthas Date: December 26th, 2008 12:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
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