Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I'd forgotten what fun restaurants could be after-hours...

After a fabulous dinner with friends last night at [info]Dijon Bistro I turned my ice-encrusted car on, cranked the defroster, and wandered back into the restaurant to chat for a few. Two and a half hours later...

Yes, I realized after a few minutes I wasn't going anywhere, and turned the car off. Anyway, at the end of the night, Mark and his sous-chef were joined by several friends who work elsewhere, and they convinced me to stay and serve as a judge for their Iron Chef competition. Mark went up against a girl who works at the hospital and isn't even a professional cook!

Practically eating two dinners in the span of a few hours isn't good for my weight loss plan, but getting to try some dishes invented on the spur of the moment by two talented people who've been handed a bag of random ingredients was a blast.

It was nearly 1am before I resumed defrosting my car and drove back up the hill, guessing (correctly) that I'd be getting an early-morning wake-up call from Jeff with weather-related school closings.

It was worth it.

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