Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Good start to "24"

Simmering StewWithout going into spoilers, I'll say that this is a fun way to start off the new season of "24." We already know from the promos and program guide descriptions that Jack is dragged out of hearings where he's being taken to task for his past to help the FBI deal with a crisis -- that seems to have his old buddy Tony Almeida at its core. There's some fun casting for this season, some creative developments in the first four hours, and I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

willdevine and I watched two nights' worth tonight along with some Fisherman's Stew, which I thought came out great. I may add some more spice and some diced tomato to the sliced tomato that's already in there, and serve the leftovers over pasta.

I've had a faint headache all evening, for no good reason I can think of. Anyway, bedtime.

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