Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I love the Internet...

If you haven't heard already, a US Airways jet en route from LaGuardia in New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina, hit a flock of geese and the pilot had to ditch the aircraft in the Hudson River. Damn good flying.

Passengers are being rescued as we speak. This photo is from someone's Twitter stream.

Update: Now watching CNN via my Slingbox. Everyone concurs that this was great fucking flying on the pilot's part. Landing on water is really, really hard in a passenger jet, especially with the engines below the fuselage. The conventional wisdom really is that you can't do an emergency landing in a passenger jet and expect to walk away from it, but the pilot clearly knew that there was nowhere else to land. There are airfields in New Jersey not far from the river (Teterboro, Newark) but the plane probably didn't have even that much time and/or forward momentum.

One reason everyone seems to have survived: the first ferry reached the plane two minutes after impact. Ferries at docks on both sides of the river headed out immediately. By the time the Coast Guard arrived, it appears nearly everyone was already rescued.

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