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Feeling tired and accomplished after this afternoon's meeting of bigwigs who voted to approve our proposed plan to build emergency web hosting and e-mail services for use by senior staff in the event of a major outage that left the University's web and e-mail resources offline or inaccessible. Unlike yesterday's briefing of the VP, at which I spoke up a fair bit, today I got to sit in the corner and watch as Tom presented. There were some good questions, and then they voted to go ahead. Once money has been found (not as trivial a task as we anticipated when we started this project months ago) we should be up and running in several weeks. I'll probably be involved in the implementation planning, but we haven't really gotten as far as talking about that.

Tom was very generous with crediting me as the task force chair and the person who did most of the writing as we wrapped up our requirements gathering and proposed solution selecting, though I admit some of this work was not as timely as it should have been.

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