Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


My Tuesday evening was very full. It started with the Cornell Alumni Association of the Ithaca Area shindig at the Johnson Museum, one of many gatherings making up University president Hunter Rawlings's farewell tour. (He's stepping down at the end of June.)

I ended up chatting with a nice lady from the class of '39 who took the bus we arranged for Kendal (local retirement home) residents to join in the fun. Told her about the banquet I'd organized for WVBR staff taking place later in the evening at Turback's.

She'd lived in the house that's now Turback's... in the 1920s. Her family moved in when she was 5, and she remembers always wanting to slide down the banister of the curved main staircase, but her mother never let her. I love how fate landed her right next to me at this event with hundreds of people. (Oh, and a former president of Namibia stopped by. Picture of him later.)

She did once roll a tire down the stairs, though...

The banquet was great, as was the delayed Buffy gathering.

Lunch today was finally a hummus pita from Pita Pit. Mmm. Lemony.

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