Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I'm Mark, and I'm a compulsive shopper...

Amazon's very good at extracting lots of money from me, and they nearly got me with the "4 for 3" promotion they're running right now on housewares, some books, and some magazines. I was ordering a 15-inch cast iron skillet (I'm going to need one of my own for future replication of last month's spectacular deep-dish pizza) and nearly ordered three more things I only vaguely needed in order to get one of them free.

I also placed my first order with, after playing with the site lots of times. Being in the right place at the right time (i.e., I follow @Zappos on Twitter) means I'm a VIP member, so free overnight shipping instead of free ground shipping. Alexi had some helpful comments about shoe styles a few weeks ago, so she helped me pick out what to order. We'll see if it works. Shoes seem a better fit for me there than clothes; I want to try ordering jeans from them, but I have no way to tell which of the fifty brands I've never heard of will fit comfortably. :-) They say they're happy for me to order and return, at no cost to me, until I find something I like, but that sounds hugely wasteful of my time and their money.

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