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Broadening breakfast...

BreakfastThanks to Rachel posting a link to this New York Times piece on savory and whole-grain breakfasts, this morning I made some couscous, heated up the last of the vegetables from last Tuesday's TV Night salad, and added a splash of soy sauce. Great breakfast, if a little odd!

After a really busy hockey weekend and a late night last night, a quiet Sunday seemed like a good idea. I've been tied to the couch for most of it, fiddling with and uploading the weekend's photos and taking care of a few other things.

And in other news, Charlie was out "sunning" herself under her lamp for a while this afternoon, and drank some water. I suspect she's starting to rouse from her long winter's nap; she's been starting to seem more active for a week or so, s the days get longer and longer. No doubt she'll be getting hungry soon, and she'll be ready for breakfast, too! No couscous, though.
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