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Jason was lamenting on Twitter the fact that having left his car at home today meant he couldn't go get Chinese food or easily get from east campus to Maple Ave for a meeting, at around the time that I was lamenting that our office kitchen no longer has paper plates. I brought my leftovers from Joe's for lunch today, in their styrofoam container, and experience has proven that microwaving moist, greasy food in styrofoam results in molten styrofoam, which can't be good for you.

Plate for WorkSo I told Jason if he ordered the Chinese food, I'd pick him up at Morrison, we'd swing by Ling Ling, and he'd end up at Maple for his meeting. While he grabbed the food, I ran into the P&C and bought some paper plates -- as well as a really nice ceramic plate, on sale for $1.50. They have a few different colours, and not just plates but bowls and something else. Mugs? Didn't notice; I have plenty of mugs.

I actually have plenty of plates at home, and could've brought one in, but keeping the complete sets at home and getting a nice, distinctive plate for work seemed like a good idea.

For now, there's a supply of paper plates in the kitchen, and I may keep buying them as they run out if the mood strikes. And, I have a plate that I can use and wash when I'm feeling that industrious. And, I still have leftover eggplant parm for tomorrow. :-)

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