Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Five crazy Canadians...

Tanglefoot at Sage ChapelWhat a great show last night! Honestly, the acoustics are awful in Sage Chapel for this kind of musical act, but Tanglefoot made the most of the odd venue and did a couple of fabulous long sets. They only missed one song that I really wanted to hear -- so obviously I'm going to have to show up at another show or two in their farewell tour.

Sam and Janis came to town for the show, and Chris and Celisa brought the kids up as well. All of us had a great brunch today at Americana Winery. They got a huge crowd, and rather than make everyone keep waiting for seats in the cafe, they scrambled to set up more tables in the winery, in the area where they do concerts on Sunday afternoons. It took a while, but they brought around coffee and got us fed. Amazing sweet potato hash.

I forgot what fun it is to have a political discussion with Sam. He's an odd hybrid of socialist-libertarian, but it works for him. :-)

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