Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Forgot to follow up...

Yes, I'm going to Grand Rapids for the hockey weekend. I'm tentatively planning on driving through Ontario, from Niagara Falls to Sarnia, since it looks to be over an hour shorter that way. However, the border crossings might well eat up that difference. Anyone have any experience with that route? Looks like a fairly easy drive either way, but I like the sound of a little under nine hours more than I like the sound of a little over ten hours.

Looks like I'm sharing the hotel room, which is right next to the rink and really cheap thanks to my media credentials, with my cousin Elie. He may or may not ride with me; he needs to be in Ithaca on Friday, so may ride along with some folks who are heading out crazy-early Saturday morning.

If Cornell doesn't win Saturday, I may or may not stick around for Sunday's final. Much as I'd like to stay to see whoever else might play, saving the hotel night and the vacation day would be worth it.

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