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Happy mother's day!

I visited mine! beeeej and I dined with our parents at Daniel, a remarkable French restaurant in New York City. Jacket required, so we wore suits. I was in my dark blue one with the nicer of my light blue shirts, and my favourite tie, the flags-of-the-world tie a friend gave me last summer. (Close behind are my unicorn tie from the Met and the Peanuts clock tie.)

Dinner consisted of an appetizer of tuna tartare, a "duet" of beef that was a short rib and a piece of ribeye, with very smooth mashed potatoes and vegetables, and then mascarpone mousse for dessert. We split an excellent red wine, and I had coffee with dessert. All four of us actually had the duet of beef, though we had four different appetizers. Some wonderful breads, as well. Everything was exceptional.

I left Ithaca as it was starting to rain, luckily getting my stuff into the car just before it started pouring. I drove through everything from light drizzle to torrential downpours, with some thunder and lightning that was never too close. I guess this is the remnants of what pounded Oklahoma the other day. Thanks for sharing, guys! :-)

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