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Daily Duckie

Daily DuckieI don't get to see Elena in person nearly often enough! It's a heck of a lot more fun than just looking at the pictures her parents post on LiveJournal, as much as I enjoy that. :-) She even let me hang out with Henry for a bit.

No hockey this weekend! Weird, eh? I actually watched the last few minutes of the Cornell vs Princeton ECAC semifinal game from Albany two weeks ago, which is recording on my TiVo thanks to Time Warner Sports's rebroadcast.

Yesterday included a trip to opening day at the Ithaca Farmer's Market, the 68th anniversary wine-tasting shindig at Triphammer Wines & Spirits, and a dinner gathering at Joe's. I also stopped by Tops to pick up a few things for Passover, and grabbed a cup of coffee at their Tim Hortons kiosk while I was at it. Yes, I'm now 0 for 8 on their contest cups! On the way home, I met the Chowcast folks for ten seconds.

I think all the zipping around has caught up to me, and staying in today seemed like a good idea. I'll get out and about and take some pictures on this sunny afternoon before meeting folks for dinner, but the draw of the couch has been too strong to break.

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