Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mother's Day road trip

I'll be on the road in a little while, after brunch with friends who are graduating this month, for a mother's day dinner with my family in NYC. After managing to pop down for a lot of mother's day outings, and birthday dinners for both my parents, it'd be tough to get out of the habit -- tough to say "Sorry, I can't make it this time." But that's probably just as well; I know I can't count on my parents being at the other end of a four-hour drive forever. Friends who've lost a parent recently are a stark reminder of that.

FamilyYesterday was fun, starting with a BBQ at Stewart Park that brought together several Ithaca-area Flickr users. We grilled and ate and played with each other's cameras, and then took a nice walk around the park taking pictures. We didn't get too many funny looks. :-)

Yesterday's Accord meeting wasn't bad, though I was hoping we'd see a few folks drop in who we'd talked to at the movie on Thursday night. After we packed up the meeting, I thought about trying to get to part of the lacrosse game (Cornell's in the NCAA tournament), but it seemed too late to bother. I watched the last couple of minutes at home, and then actually popped over for some postgame tailgating when John called.

Have a good Sunday, all!

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