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Well, going back to sleep after dropping Chris at the airport for his flight back was a nice theory, but between the driving and the caffeine and the gently rolling thunder in the next bed, it didn't happen. Instead, I've caught up on LiveJournal, chatted with a couple of friends who are graduating before they headed to Schoellkopf, and opened up the Commencement webcast page.

blueinatl and Andrew's wedding was great! Just as she said, the ceremony was short and sweet, and the officiant headed off to do his next wedding before I had a chance to tell him how nice a job I thought he'd done. I've got lots of photos to upload, and will probably also get that done this morning.

Maybe brunch with some of the other wedding folks, though Thayer thought that would be around 9:30, and I'm not sure I'll be ready that soon. :-) (Pretty sure beeeej won't be.) This afternoon, a cousin's birthday BBQ, then dropping Jeff at the airport. I'm flying back tomorrow.

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