Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Welcome back, Dave!

OmeletNice to see zikzak5 back in town. He joined me for what's probably my final brunch at the [info]ABC Cafe before they close in three weeks. Today seemed like a perfect chance to go, since I guessed (correctly) that it wouldn't be mobbed because lots of their core audience would be at the Ithaca Festival instead. No wait for a table at noon is almost unheard of!

Dave's in town without a car (and even without his own plane for a change), so asked if I'd be willing to swing down to Wegmans so he could stock up the apartment he's subletting. I figured Wegmans would be as dead as the ABC was, but I was wrong. I suppose it's often more of a zoo, but there were certainly plenty of people there.

Dave commented while we were shopping that he wanted to get some wine, but not the sort that would be found at the grocery store, so we popped up to Sheldrake Point Winer. In theory there was a "tweetup" (gathering of Twitter users) going on, and I was hoping to say hi to some folks after their vertical tasting was done, but I think it was just a register-in-advance event off in a non-public area of the winery, and we didn't find any of the folks I expected. We did get to taste some of the new wine releases, though, and I'm very impressed with the Cabernet Franc and Gewurztraminer, and the latest Gamay is also great.

I've always meant to stop into O'Malley's, a restaurant/pub down the road from Sheldrake, and since we really had nowhere to be, it seemed like a good opportunity. We each had a pint of beer and chatted with the bartender and a couple of waitresses about the place. The menu looks fun, and apparently some of the food is great, so I'll hope to get up there sometime this season to try a meal.

Today was much less hectic than yesterday, which included a great breakfast at [info]Lincoln Street Diner with queenmabwords, meeting a found dog who I think I've identified thanks to Twitter and Facebook sleuthing, acappellasinger's band's performance on the Commons at the Ithaca Festival, and snazzy BBQ'd pork ribs courtesy of roosterhillfarm smoked by guinness_duck, followed by "Life After Death," the "Dead Like Me" movie that came out this winter. (Am I missing anything?)

Tonight? Relaxing.

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