Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Pleasant surprise...

Neither the US Airways ticket agent nor the TSA security screener objected to my using my paper interim driver license (with no picture) alongside my expired driver license (with my photo) as ID. I have my passport with me just in case, but was curious what would happen, so kept it in my pocket.

I admit I consider an expired photo ID and a laser-printed piece of paper to be iffy as identification, but I guess an authentic but expired license that's obviously just expired, along with matching interim license, is a sufficiently short-lived phenomenon as to be worth taking the chance.

Of course, I should have gotten my license renewal accomplished soon enough that I'd have my permanent replacement before this trip (or before the Atlanta trip, where everyone noticed my license was going to expire in two weeks and warned me). I'm sure it'll show up in tomorrow's mail.

Interestingly, the US Airways plane that just arrived from LaGuardia and is heading back there soon has Colgan Air livery instead of US Airways Express. Wonder if they had to substitute, or if they added extra flights this weekend with Cornell Reunion. Obviously some folks heading home from Reunion here -- there are several of the bright red cased Cornell camping chairs that were given out by a few classes, making everyone scratch their heads as to how they were going to get them home.

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