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Thar be snails here!

Speaking of seafood... I returned home from my trip to Maine to find my new snails waiting for me. Since I had carefully asked the California snail lady not to send them such that they'd arrive this weekend (after I'd waited over a month since paying her), this is of course when she sent them.

So I now have four adorable tiny purple striped snails, and one gargantuan Frankensnail, its shell patched with some goopy pink stuff, that Barb says is a breeder. (I also told her I was not interested in breeding snails.)

I'll probably get a little tank for the office and keep a couple of the snails there, rather than leave all five of them in poor Sushi's now-quite-full fish tank. If any of you would like to breed snails, I'll be happy to give you Frank.

(Lunch today was the highly anticipated lobster roll. It did not disappoint.)

Pictures to come.

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