Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Rolling hills

View from Mark's HouseI think I posted a picture taken from the site of my boss's house a while back, last time I was up there and before the house was actually built. At the time, the house was a chalk outline in the cleared spot where they were going to build, next to the barn they were living in for the time being. :-) The other day, I got to see the house in nearly finished state, and while I didn't take pictures of the house itself, I got a few of the spectacular, almost unspoiled, view. It's really amazing how much of a different feel you get when your living space is simply on the other side of the same hill that my house is on. (Of course, he also doesn't get much cellular signal and he can't get cable unless he wants to pay the cable company's estimated $15,000 cost to run underground cabling up his hill.)

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