Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The latest

When Philadelphia air traffic control bumped our wheels-up time to 4:57pm, that basically blew everyone's connections out of the water. As the lines formed, I pulled out my phone to call US Airways, and shared the number with a guy sitting near me. I got a person right away.

I'm rebooked on flights tomorrow, still Ithaca to Philadelphia, but now a one-stop from PHL to San Diego, stopping in Phoenix. Gets in at 2:55pm. The delays are due to major storms that were around Philadelphia, so because it's ATC delays, they can't put me on another airline.

The guy I'd been sitting next to called his son to come get him; he's driving up to Syracuse and flying out of there, through Chicago, to San Francisco. He'll get in at almost midnight. I had a theoretical possibility of being able to go ITH-PHL-LAS-SAN today, also getting in around midnight, but the Philly to Las Vegas flight looked like it was going to be on time, and she said there was too big a chance of my missing that, still.

Nelson had called me yesterday afternoon to see if I was available tonight, and I told him no, but I guess now I am! Left him a voicemail and hope to hear from them. Otherwise, probably lots of TV and something to eat.
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