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"Babies come with hats"

Watching last week's "West Wing" season finale for the third time, as friends come to catch up. It's worth watching again, though it's far from the strongest episode they've ever done. ("Galileo" I can watch a dozen times in a row. Mmm.)

By far the best scene in the episode, a brilliant interlude of quiet amidst the chaos, is Toby's visit with the babies in the hospital.

Dinner tonight was an odd mix, since Theresa and Laura were coming to hang out for TV. Laura brought leftover lasagna, I steamed some asparagus, Theresa brought fresh eggs and some sausages she'd defrosted so had to use up, and we had omelets. I opened a bottle of Knapp Sangiovese wine. Quite good. Laura wanted to try it because it was the 1998, and she said the 1999 and 2000 were bad years.

I think part of the problem this weekend was a general feeling of restlessness. Yes, the hotel sucked, and there were other frustrations, but it was probably as much internal as external.

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