Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Good Karma

I don't remember which of several travel blogs I frequently skim offered this suggestion, but I remember reading several months ago that airline cabin crews are generally not allowed to eat the food on the aircraft, never mind that there's often none left once passengers are served. Beyond that, they may not have had time to buy food at the airport; they often have connections as tight as ours. So, the piece suggested, bringing a snack bag for your cabin crew will at the very least be a nice gesture, and could even result in special treatment.

There's not much in the way of special treatment you can get on an airplane, I thought, but I figured there's never anything wrong with being nice. So, yesterday, when I was packing up and saw I had several granola bars left, I stacked five of them in the big, empty, paper Starbucks cup from the single-serve brewer. When I boarded my trans-continental flight, with my seat near the back, I continued back to the galley and told the flight attendant back there, "I brought some snacks for the cabin crew!"

He smiled and asked what I wanted in return, and I said "Don't need anything except some good karma," and went and sat down. It was true -- I'd gotten the aisle seat I needed, at the last minute, not that he could've done anything about that if I hadn't.

A few minutes later, I was pleasantly surprised when another flight attendant handed me one of the huge bottles of water they pour into cups for passengers, and she said "Thank you!" And, a couple of hours later, when they were selling food, I asked for the snack box and tried to hand the flight attendant a $5 bill, and he wouldn't take it.

I guess a little good karma goes a long way! I'll make a point of doing this again -- not just because there's a chance I'll be rewarded for it, but because it obviously made the crew happy. If I can do that by investing a couple of bucks in granola bars, you bet I will!

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