Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Smells like hockey season!

Ben & FriendLast night's Red-White Scrimmage at Lynah was a nice treat, a relatively casual and not-too-crowded preview of the hockey season to come. It's the annual first public look at the Cornell team, which splits into red and white squads so the coaches (and we) can see what they're capable of after the first few days of practicing together. This game generally cements a place on the team for the players who put in the effort, and is the last time we'll see a few who can't quite cut it.

As something new, the Cornell players were joined on the ice (and on the benches) by a bunch of youth-league players, who played mini-periods in between stretches of Cornell play. They were adorable, and the Cornell players obviously really get into hanging out with the kids. The general consensus is that a night on the ice at Lynah with the big guys makes these kids' year! They also got to enjoy crowds cheering for them.

I took a couple hundred pictures, as usual, and there are more on Flickr.

Funk & DisorderlyMuch as I love the cool weather for the hockey season it portends, I really wasn't feeling like tailgating or sitting at Schoellkopf for the football game yesterday. Homecoming or not, sitting on the couch seemed like a better idea at 38-42°F and cloudy. I'd gotten to see quite a few alums on Thursday and Friday already, and saw still more last night after the hockey. Hanging out with Vanessa and a few of her friends even gave me the unexpected pleasure of seeing Funk & Disorderly at the Nines, along with acappellasinger. It was my first time seeing them, but assuming they make it back on stage, won't be my last. Ended up running into some VBR folks there, and joined them for a while, including meandering down to Level B to help celebrate Adam's birthday. I ended up briefly at Pixel at the end of the night.

On the way home, as I sometimes do if I'm heading home late on Saturday night, I swung by the radio station to say hi to the Last Exit for the Lost folks. I was pleasantly surprised to run into Andy there -- a long-ago Memory Alpha user who's on my Facebook but who I haven't seen in person since he moved back to town. I would never have recognized him if he didn't tell me who he was; I think I last saw him as a teenager, and he's significantly bigger and more bearded now!

It was probably almost 3 before I actually got home, resisting the impulse to inhale a large, tasty, and bad for my weight-loss snack. (Thursday night's Hot Truck was almost justifiable, as I'd eaten lightly all day. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.) I got up this morning in time to ping Rich to see if he was interested in brunch, and thus get invited along to join the bandalums gathering at Mahogany Grill. Good brunch.

After that, I popped into Mayer's to use the ATM, and spotted a book I wanted. Did you know Mayer's sells nearly all of its hardcover and paperback books at 25% off? A nice incentive to buy local.

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