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At least I didn't have any fries... (208.6) - Mark's Journal
At least I didn't have any fries... (208.6)
I ate pretty lightly today, homemade oatmeal for breakfast at around noon, and leftover sausage and mashed potato at about 4. I figured I'd have something to eat after the hockey game to round things out.

Yes, I realize I'm weak! But I started with good intentions, and when we went to Five Guys after the game, I ordered a "little" burger -- one patty instead of the two that's on their regular ones. I skipped the fries, tasty as they are.

Where I got in trouble was that Eva's burger wasn't as she ordered it, and we convinced her to go make them do it again. They didn't want the wrong one back, so she brought it back to the table and offered it around. No one else wanted any, so, yes, after eating my "little" burger, I ate Eva's whole double burger.

I'll eat lightly again tomorrow. :-)

Current Music: "The Dark Knight"

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