Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Renewed for another year in the Book of Life, so to speak...

Had to get to campus two hours early this morning for my annual work-provided CPR recertification class. I was kind of alarmed to walk into the room at 8:01 and be the only one there for the 8:00 class! The instructor had been running late, had dropped all the stuff off, and had to go park, and it was ten minutes before any other students arrived. We ended up being seven out of the eight scheduled to be there.

Nothing's changed since last year, and in fact this is an instructor I've had at least once or twice before. He's engaging and funny and makes the day go smoothly, which is nice when you're crowded into a small room. Conveniently, it's our first rainy day in several; I'd have hated to sit inside and look at sunshine outside.

I was actually expecting a change; there's been lots of talk about eliminating rescue breaths from the layperson training, because they carry so much potential confusion and squeamishness that they cause significant delays. "Just do chest compressions" has been a common mantra; in reality, they should let the lungs bring enough air in that you'll get some more oxygen circulating without having to deliver the rescue breaths -- but if you can do the rescue breaths correctly and without slowing down the cycle, the patient will do better.

Having eaten breakfast two hours early, I was starving by 11:30, and had to wait another hour before we were finished and I could go for lunch. I grabbed an Italian sub at Mattin's in Duffield Hall on the way back to the office, and asked them to add cole slaw to it. I do like cole slaw on sandwiches, but it probably didn't belong on this one. That's OK.

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