Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

What time is it? (210.2)

It feels as though it should be much later in the evening than it is. Especially since I haven't been able to sleep late this weekend -- between needing to get moving for brunches with the hockey crew and needing to get the dog outside -- and thus have been up much longer than usual for a Sunday.

SupervisingI've watched several TV episodes, including two "Law & Orders," a "Good Wife," and a "Dexter," in addition to doing some raking (with Kaiya supervising) and getting some outdoor time (with her) on this improbably gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Kaiya has alternated hanging out with me watching TV and meandering off to chill on her doggie bed (which Catherine left with us for the weekend so she'd have something familiar) or at the top of the stairs. A few times she's come over and stared at me and barked, which I'm interpreting to mean "Why aren't you playing with the puppy?" I'm erring on the side of caution and taking her outside when she seems to be trying to get my attention, though she's obviously not always interested in doing so. Her way of saying she needs to go out is to pace, I'm told, and having seen it at Catherine's, I'm mostly convinced. :-)

Definitely getting hungry, though I'm not sure which leftovers I'll dive into for tonight's dinner. Also still need to come up with something for tomorrow's dinner.

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