Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Memories starting to fade...

Basilica St. RemiHow appalling! It's taken two and a half years and I still haven't finished going through all of the pictures from my trip to France. At least all of the folders are labeled as to where we were, because I would no longer be able to tell at a glance, and would have to scratch my head over the itinerary.

The latest batch of photos uploaded to Flickr last night was taken in Reims, one of the ancient cities in the Champagne region of northern France. There are pictures of the Basilica Saint-Remi (at right), where the Saint's body is interred, of the Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Reims, and photos to come of the Palais du Tau. I think.

( Pictures from Reims... )

The next day we headed to Troyes, and I've got a few scenic roadside pictures, followed by some delicious-looking food that's making me drool -- but I can't remember where we ate it. Five days' worth of photos remain to edit and upload. Stay tuned!
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