Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

That hadn't occurred to me! (210.2)

One side effect of the P&C supermarkets closing in a couple of months is that we'll need somewhere new to buy trash tags, as pointed out in ithaca_ny a moment ago. At least that person should be able to go across the street and get theirs at Tops. Unless someone decides they want to open a new supermarket at East Hill Plaza, I won't be able to do much convenient shopping on the way home any more!

My guess is the Rite-Aid across the street, which has always had some boxed and canned food, a frozen food case, and some milk and juice next to the beer, will pick up some of the slack, but I'm guessing they won't bother adding any fresh (read "more perishable") food to their lineup. (Actually, the Rite-Aid that used to be in the Triphammer Mall added milk and eggs when the A&P closed about eight years ago.)

What I'm really hoping is that Tops will buy the East Hill Plaza supermarket and operate it. They seem far more likely to be interested in running a smallish store than Wegmans, which has replaced nearly all of its non-monstrous stores with bigger ones over the last several years.

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