Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,
mhaithaca e-mail outage tonight

NewApple USB keyboardWe've just learned that a major town electrical infrastructure project in Lindstrom, where the e-mail server on which we're hosted lives, will require a complete power outage in the area from 7pm to midnight CST (8pm-1am EST) tonight, and will take our server (and everything else nearby) offline for several hours. (Our web sites are not affected.)

It will not be possible to receive e-mail to any (or related) address, retrieve mail from the mail server, or send mail via that mail server during the time of the outage tonight. All mail that's sent to us during the outage will reach us after power is restored and the servers are back online.

If you have other e-mail accounts, you may be able to configure your e-mail software to send messages through those other accounts. For example, I can set Mail or Eudora to send my messages via my Cornell or Gmail account. (In the case of Gmail, you need to configure Gmail to know that your address is allowed to do so.)

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