Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Afternoon Snack: Grilled vegetable wrap

Friday evening, after picking up my replacement iPhone at FedEx, I swung back through campus to grab the CarMD gizmo I'd forgotten at work. While I was there, I decided I should get a bite to eat from the nearby on-campus eatery to tide me over until the party I was going to.

What a nice surprise that on Fridays after a certain time, Mattin's starts selling all their grab-n-go items buy one, get one free! If I'd been thinking, I'd have grabbed a couple of sushi packages, but the chicken caesar wrap and grilled vegetable wrap were fine, too.

Just ate the grilled vegetable wrap. Its sell-by date was yesterday, and it was a little soggy, but a few minutes in the toaster oven helped clear that up.

Next time? Grabbing some sushi!

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