Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Facebook Events sync

One of the things I've found annoying about Facebook Events is that they're hard to keep track of, there's no way to set a reminder, and it's often tough to look something up to find the details. That's gotten better in a few ways, and the latest revs of Facebook app for iPhone finally let you see event details (such as figuring out where you're going when you're almost to a party but don't remember the address).

But I'd entirely missed the fact that Facebook now lets you export your events in a standardized format that will let you either import into virtually any calendar software of your preference, or synchronize to Google Calendar or your iPhone.

The latter is accomplished by popping a URL into iCal, and from that point on, all of your Facebook events can be visible on your Mac and your iPhone. I've got iCal set to poll that URL hourly for updates, and I'm already doing the live syncing of iCal between computers and to my phone, one of the most valuable features of the MobileMe (formerly .Mac) paid service.

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