Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Tailgating... in January?!

Most hockey weekends involve some food gatherings, but because most hockey weekends also involve some winter, we generally find traditional eateries, and eat inside. That was the plan for last night, too, with Little Thai House leading the running, and Five Guys as a potential backup.

Judy deploying the burgersBut Josh called yesterday afternoon and suggested tailgating! It was such a beautiful day that it felt much more like autumn or spring, when tailgating is a tad more common. I pointed out that sundown was going to be right around when we were talking about starting, and it would rapidly get cold. He didn't seem to care. I grabbed my portable charcoal grill and borrowed Lisa's propane grill, pulled some burgers and dogs out of the freezer, and went over some other supplies with Josh.

The tailgate was lots of fun, including the brief visit from a CUPD officer. Hard to tell whether she was on a routine patrol (I know they do hit the roof of the garage from time to time) or had been encouraged to stop by after someone spotted us. (Is there a security camera up there? That's the word.) Honestly, she could've told us to beat it, and I'm glad she didn't.

For future reference, the charcoal lit quickly and got nice and hot, so worked way better than the propane. It tended to go out when it was turned up more than about halfway. We relaxed on the roof with a beverage after the game, as well, since from the roof of the parking garage, there's no way to get out anytime soon.

We'll probably do it again, say once a year, since we do tend to have nice weather on at least one hockey weekend a year. Though, I'm still looking forward to repeating the brunch we had out on the deck at Bistro Q one February weekend.

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