Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No fair!

My vague plan to eat just half of my sub for lunch today failed, predictably. It was an Italian sub, kindly and thoughtfully imported for me by my brother from Oswego Subs, a happy side effect of his trip up with a friend who's an Oswego alum for Saturday night's hockey game against Plattsburgh.

Oswego Subs Italian SubI've been a big fan of Oswego Subs since they briefly had a branch opened in Ithaca about ten years ago. In fact, it was right where the new Taste of Thai Express has just opened. In between, there was a CTB Express there, I guess the sole example of a failure in Brous & Mehaffey's imperialist efforts.

How unfair that Oswego Subs didn't manage to survive in Ithaca! I think it may have been partly their attempted willingness to deliver just a single sandwich, even a half-size one, for free. That's no way to make a living. It's tough to identify what made their sandwiches so awesome, but even a two-day-old sandwich that's sat wrapped in my refrigerator since Saturday night was a hugely better Italian sub than anything I've managed to get in Ithaca since they closed up shop here.

Of course, their signature cheeseburger subs are also a big deal, and I had fun trying to replicate those a couple of months ago. Somewhat successfully, I thought.

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