Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Do you like your P&C? Shop there this month...

To follow up on last week's post, I want to stress that Tops Friendly Markets is making a decision about which "handful" of newly acquired P&C Foods supermarket locations to close based on this month's performance. Historical performance will of course be a factor, too, but a lot is riding on how each store does over the next few weeks, under their stewardship.

Can you afford to invest in stocking up? i.e. not spending blindly, but buying stuff you're going to need and use over the next few months anyway? Now's a good time. Seriously. I'll be doing lots of shopping at the East Hill Plaza P&C this week.

I'm going to do it cautiously, with some research, taking advantage of this month's weekly sales. For example, Stouffer's entrees are "4/$10" this week, really $2.50 each. You save a little on macaroni & cheese, but a lot on the frozen lasagna. I bought a few last night and will buy more later in the week. Mama Lucia's boxed frozen meatballs are buy-one-get-two-free. How crazy is that!? Best of all, as far as I can tell, the way such sales work at supermarkets, Tops gets to count as revenue the money you didn't pay when you buy sale items. And even if they're just looking at straight cash intake, buying more stuff, even stuff that's on sale, looks better.

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