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Amazon.fail - Mark's Journal
Submitted in the Search Feedback form at Amazon.com:

"I came here to buy a copy of Cherie Priest's "Boneshaker" as a gift for a friend, but you seem to have stopped selling it. Apparently I'll have to take my business elsewhere. Please fix this soon for others who might stop by to buy a book. Thanks."

( A Call for Author Support from @Scalzi... )
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kinnerc From: kinnerc Date: February 2nd, 2010 09:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
"When Corporations Fail..."

I found one of John's comments here particularly apropos with regard to Apple's behavior:

"Well, no. You could in fact buy any book you want, but choose not to because you locked yourself into the Kindle ecosystem, and a single vendor."

Freedom. It's not clean. Its not easy. But its intensely valuable on so many, many fronts where we don't even think about it.
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