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The Devil went down to New Orleans...

With thanks to amicablebitch...

The Devil went down to New Orleans lookin' to steal Drew Brees.
    He was in a bind and way behind because Hell was fixin to Freeze.
"Now you play pretty good football boy but give the devil his due.
    I'll bet your soul you lose the superbowl because Peyton is better than you".
Now Brees said "I like Manning and the boy is ver...y good"
    "But the Saints are taking this one son for all our fans in the hood".
Now Shockey's warming up his knee and Drew plans to throw it hard.
    The colts won't know what hit them when they can't even gain a yard.
Now the fans are invading Miami bringing all that they can bring.
    Screw Mardi Gras this year folks, "Who DAT" is what they sing.
So devil you can talk to the hand and ya know what you can do with your sin
    Go back home and put on your coats......Because the Saints are going to win!

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