Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Seemed like a good idea at the time... (207.4)

Even though I wasn't going to sleep all that early last night, I set my iPhone's alarm clock to wake me so I could watch the 4:39am Shuttle Endeavour launch. Last nighttime shuttle launch, and I wanted to watch it, live! Of course, they scrubbed it due to too much cloud cover at 4:30, and I never managed to fall back to sleep. That's pretty rare; I can usually manage to fall asleep again if it's still dark out, and sometimes even if it's not, if I haven't been awake long.

They're trying again tomorrow morning at 4:14am, but with a 60% "weather go" assessment as of this afternoon, I'm not going to wake up again. I'll just tell the TiVo to record CNN for that hour. If the thing goes up, I'll get to see it when I wake up at a reasonable hour.

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