Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Driving on fumes

Another gallon of gas, maybe two, and I could make it to Whitney Point on Friday morning on the way to Boston before gassing up, and thus save 10-11 cents a gallon by buying it at the Hess there instead of at one of the stations in Ithaca. Right off I-81 and Rt 206 (and 11 and 79), at the crossroads of nearly all of my trips out of town, that Hess pretty reliably has the cheapest gas I see within about a 50 mile radius. (Spotted a couple of cheaper stations from the bus window last night, up towards Hamilton, but that doesn't help.)

I know in the grand scheme of things fretting about saving $1.50 on a tank of gas is nutty with 800 road miles ahead of me this weekend, but I feel silly paying the inflated Ithaca gas prices when I have a choice. I know gas is even cheaper in Massachusetts (often even in Boston itself), so I can fill up there, but of course I'll use a whole tank on the sweep through New Hampshire and back home.

Anyway, yes, I'll be in Boston Friday night and Saturday morning, and in Hanover on Saturday night. I've got a car full of folks, so probably can't zip around much on my own, but do let me know if you want to try to get together.
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